brain health

Food is for brain health!

You certainly can boost your brainpower, protect your brain against degeneration and improve your memory by eating these foods. Improve your learning capacity and sharp thinking… protect your brain from oxidative stress. Feed your brain and boost its power! 😉 Watch this video and learn more!!      What happens to your brain on sugar?   […]


Amaranth and Quinoa

Protein content of these cereals is higher than usual: amaranth has in between 14 and 18%; quinoa has in between 11 and 15%. Not only they are rich in protein but also have higher content of essential amino acids than most cereals, which means they have good quality protein, they may even have the best […]


Shake for varicose veins

Ingredients: 6 strawberries 2 grapefruits 2 tablespoons of raw honey Preparation: Put all ingredients together in the blender and blend for 1 minute until all ingredients are perfectly blended and smooth. You can either strain it or not (it is up to you), drink up immediately. Properties: Since this shake is rich in Vitamin C […]


Vitamin E

Vitamin E does have a role in the health of the reproductive system.  Doctors Herbert Evan and Katherine Bishop did a study on rat who were maintain on a diet free of vitamin E: “They grew normally and were apparently very healthy” except, as the researchers wrote: “practically all of such animals are sterile.” Vitamin […]


Avocados are rich in potassium, fiber and Vitamins B, E and K. Avocados are excellent for natural skin and health care. Avocado fruit (Persea americana) originated in Central America and it contains most food nutrients values after olives. It may help to improve digestive problems such as: colitis and duodenal ulcers. Also it has an […]