9 health tips

9 healthy tips

A successful healthy diet is planned… you need to focus on healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables but also you need to include high quality protein and carbohydrates… Make time to eat properly… Moderation is the key! Fill up your body with high quality nutrients and antioxidants Watch the video and find out about […]

9 health tips

Food is for weight loss

When you eat the right foods prepared in the right way… your body will find the balance it needs to lose excess weight and stay healthy! Remember that the goal is to be healthy… the weight will take care of its own once you start eating a balanced diet Watch this video and learn about […]

salmon with roasted vegetables recipe

Simple healthy food recipe

There´s nothing like fresh vegetables mixed together in a delicious and healthy recipe! With very few ingredients and little effort you will get a lovely dish. Here is an easy recipe for you to make with roasted vegetables and salmon… Enjpy!      Related articles:  http://foodisfor.com/category/vegetables/ Share this article –>>


Top 10 vegetables

  Here is the list of the top 10 healthies vegetables and the reasons why they are the healthiest… From fighting cancer to lowering your blood pressure and increasing your cardiovascular health… veggies are and important part of the healthy lifestyle and diet Watch this video to learn more:          Related articles: […]