Top 10 Fruits

  Fruits are full of fiber, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, they help your immune system, may help in the prevention of cancer and decrease the risks of heat diseases. Fruits also contain great amounts of Vitamins and minerals.  Watch the video to see which fruits are the healthiest 😉        Related articles: Avocado […]



Numerous cellular enzyme systems depend on potassium, and nerve excitation and muscular contraction are predisposed by this mineral´s levels. A lack in potassium can result in muscular weakness, increased nervous irritability, mental disorientation and cardiac anomalies. If blood levels of potassium get low enough, ventricular fibrillation (heart vibrates instead of pumping) can occur and cause […]


Health benefits of Raisins

A recent study has shown that significant amounts of phenolic acids are present in raisins, these compounds are responsible for health benefits. Total antioxidant capacity and total polyphenol contents remain relatively unaffected when grapes are dehydrated into raisins. When comparable amounts of grapes are fed either as fresh grapes, raisins or wine (non-alcoholic); similar quantities […]