kidney health

Food is for kidney health

Kidneys are essential for filtering waste from your blood… Kidneys have such an important role in our health that we should ensure that they are clean and running efficiently… help your kidneys flush out waste such as uric acid and urea… certain foods also help to keep you urine acidity to prevent bacteria from damaging […]


Kidney Health

7 foods that help detox of kidneys Our kidneys are two of the harder working organs in our bodies; they serve as filter of approximately 200 liters of blood every day to remove up to 2 liters of excess water. They are also in charge of three very important hormones needed to stay healthy: one […]


Apple and Pear Juice

Ingredients: 1 cup of fresh and natural apple juice 1/2 cup of chopped pear Preparation: Blend both ingredients perfectly without putting it through a drainer afterwards.   Properties and functions: Removes impurities, relieves constipation and works in cases of colitis and irritable bowel. It has dietary properties as it purifies the body, kidneys and intestinal […]



Related to apples for their nutritional value but different in taste; this fruit has a high pectin content (as fiber) and lots of water that is why eating a pear for snacks makes feel satisfied longer. We need to remember that the peel is accounted for most of the fiber, that why we should not […]