Top 10 Fruits

  Fruits are full of fiber, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, they help your immune system, may help in the prevention of cancer and decrease the risks of heat diseases. Fruits also contain great amounts of Vitamins and minerals.  Watch the video to see which fruits are the healthiest 😉        Related articles: Avocado […]



“Tired blood”… what is tired blood? It is blood which does not transport sufficient oxygen to the cells to keep physical functions process at optimal efficiency – iron intake does correct this deficiency. Iron is the main component of hemoglobin, which is the part of the red blood cell that carries oxygen from the lungs […]



Ginseng has been used by man for thousands of years as an invigorating substance; it is a very popular medicinal plant. Ginseng is a substance that is harmless and ineffective in the absence of stress, but can cause the body to restore normal metabolism when there is stress or damage present, regardless of their origin. […]

Healthy juice

It has been said that may natural foods may prevent cancer, some other even say it can cure it, these natural foods are, among others: beet, carrots, apples, lime, soursop, etc.} Here is a healthy recipe for a natural juice that has been known to prevent/cure: cancer, liver diseases, kidney diseases, pancreas diseases, ulcers and strengthen: […]