5 foods never to eat

Beyond Diet – by Isabel de los Rios

There are many “diet friendly” foods that are not so healthy and that will not only stop you from losing weight but might even contribute to weight gain… remember that exercise is NOT the only answer… 20% exercise and 80% what you eat is the right formula! 😉 Do you think you have tried it […]

sunday night prep

Sunday night meal prep!

Being prepared is what sets you for success… therefore… we have found an amazing video for you to watch and get ready for the week to come… the domestic geek is one of our favorite channels on youtube… it always shows great and simple advice Enjoy!       Related articles: Fruits Vegetables Recipes Share […]

9 health tips

Food is for weight loss

When you eat the right foods prepared in the right way… your body will find the balance it needs to lose excess weight and stay healthy! Remember that the goal is to be healthy… the weight will take care of its own once you start eating a balanced diet Watch this video and learn about […]