healthy life

Starting a healthy life!

Eat the right food… hydrate… relax… sleep well… exercise… ENJOY LIFE! All you need is to add small changes into your life… little by little… improve your appearance… prevent diseases… increase longevity… Be happy and stay healthy! 😉          Related articles: Water – hydration Top 10 foods Healthy tips   Share this […]


Healthy breakfast smoothies

  Monday to Friday… do you feel like you don´t have enough time to make yourself some breakfast? Here are some fast and healthy breakfast options… don´t miss out! Take a look at this video with 5 different recipes 😉        Related articles: Another breakfast idea –   Share this article –>>


Food Revolution

We need to claim back our health… create edible gardens by growing our own food… eat responsibly… don´t waste… share what you can spare Wouldn´t it be great if we could all go back to eating healthy?       Share this article –>>



Without water life wouldn´t be possible, water is essential for every life form, from the smallest plant and every mono-cellular organism to the most complex living system known: the human body. Every living thing can exist through a considerable amount of time with other essential nutrients, but without water it would die within a short […]