Food is for Life

This is blog is for people who understand that you are what you eat.
foods to eat every day

Foods you should eat every day

Foods that provide the most amount of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and the least amount of calories; and at the same time help you cleanse and build your blood. Help your body to repair itself every day and always stay hydrated Take a look at this video to learn more about it!        Related […]

salmon with roasted vegetables recipe

Simple healthy food recipe

There´s nothing like fresh vegetables mixed together in a delicious and healthy recipe! With very few ingredients and little effort you will get a lovely dish. Here is an easy recipe for you to make with roasted vegetables and salmon… Enjpy!      Related articles:

food for heart health

Food is for heart health

Good nutritional habits can help keep our hearts healthy, when participating in a heart healthy diet, there are some foods that you should include more often. You should also remember or reduce as much as possible foods that are high in Trans and saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium to help reduce your risk of heart […]

full value out of garden

Full value out of your garden

Do you grow your own food? Here we found some advice you might find very useful… Stimulate your plants to produce more food… Every part of the plant is full of nutrients that are wonderful to eat Check out the full video below to learn about it:       Related articles:  

oatmeal breakfast

Oatmeal for breakfast

Are you always in a hurry during the morning? Is it hard for you to make breakfast? Do you even eat breakfast? Here we present to you 5 amazing recipes, easy to prepare, ready to eat breakfast! Best of all… they are healthy!!!       Related articles: Oatmeal –


Top 10 vegetables

  Here is the list of the top 10 healthies vegetables and the reasons why they are the healthiest… From fighting cancer to lowering your blood pressure and increasing your cardiovascular health… veggies are and important part of the healthy lifestyle and diet Watch this video to learn more:          Related articles: […]


Healthy breakfast smoothies

  Monday to Friday… do you feel like you don´t have enough time to make yourself some breakfast? Here are some fast and healthy breakfast options… don´t miss out! Take a look at this video with 5 different recipes 😉        Related articles: Another breakfast idea –  


Top 10 Fruits

  Fruits are full of fiber, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, they help your immune system, may help in the prevention of cancer and decrease the risks of heat diseases. Fruits also contain great amounts of Vitamins and minerals.  Watch the video to see which fruits are the healthiest 😉        Related articles: Avocado […]


Food Revolution

We need to claim back our health… create edible gardens by growing our own food… eat responsibly… don´t waste… share what you can spare Wouldn´t it be great if we could all go back to eating healthy?      

diet and depression

Diet and Depression

  Symptoms of depressions may be caused due to lack of nutrients which decrease the production of serotonin in our brains… therefore… we have to look as diet as a whole and not focus only on certain foods to eat… watch this video to learn more      Related articles: Vitamin C – Vitamin […]