Healing herbs and spices

herbs and spicesAs we have talked, several natural foods, spices and herbs can be used as fuctional remedies, here are some helpful tips





Oregano: helps soothe your stomach muscles

Mint: can ease hiccups

Ginger: anti-nausea remedy

Garlic: natural antiseptic

Fenugreek: helps flush harmful toxins

Fennel: can reduce bad breath and body odor

Clove: anti-microbial

Sage: antiseptic and antibiotic

Thyme: relaxes respiratory muscles

Turmeric: anti-cancer

Basil: can relieve gas and soothe stomach upsets

Black pepper: helps relieve digestion

Cayenne: can stop heart attack

Cinnamon: helps lower blood pressure

Dill: treat heartburn, colic and gas

Rosemary: antioxidant

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