This fruit contains vitamin C and a lot of fiber in form of pectin. We have all heard the phrase “One apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but we hardly ever hear why… here are some reasons: Apples regulate cholesterol levels Apples strengthen immune system: decreasing respiratory illnesses Apples regulate insulin levels: decreasing the […]



Without water life wouldn´t be possible, water is essential for every life form, from the smallest plant and every mono-cellular organism to the most complex living system known: the human body. Every living thing can exist through a considerable amount of time with other essential nutrients, but without water it would die within a short […]


Word is that soursop may cure cancer and it is actually a lot stronger than chemotherapy. It has been said that soursop is the most powerful anticarcinogenic in the world. Other advantages of consuming this fruit are that it is a strong bactericide and fungicide. It controls blood pressure, antidepressant and strengthens the nervous system. It […]


Grapes are probably the most cultivated fruit around the world, only a small portion of the cultivated fruit is used as food; the majority of this cultivation goes to wine productions through fermentation processes. Raisins are also grapes, the seedless variety that has been dried. Grapes and its derived products contain phenolic compounds; these compounds […]