Benefits of Pineapple

800px-Pineapple_fruitPineapples contain a great amount of vitamin A, especially in the pulp. Both the fruit and the juice are used as natural remedies for the treatment of kidney stones and warts. Many of its pharmaceutical effects are attributed to the enzyme bromeliad which is usually obtained from the residues after the pineapple is juiced. The bromeliad enzyme, according to some experts, has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to prevent ulcers and as sinusitis relief. Ripe pineapple also has diuretic effects.

Fruits have always been considered as excellent source of healthy sugars and vitamins, but recently they have also acquired a greater role from a nutritional point of view due to its content of biologically active components; most of them as antioxidants.

Pineapple is usually eaten fresh or in juice.

RESOURCE: Functional Foods: Biochemical and Processing Aspects

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