We are all interested in what we eat, but have we ever asked ourselves “what is food really for?” We know food helps us nourish our bodies and to keep us healthy and alive, but is that really all the purpose food has? Does each type of food have a specific function in our bodies? Does it really matter if we eat the same type of food? Do we really need a balanced diet?

“Food is what we eat, but not everything that we eat is really food”, and that is why we should take more interest in what we eat. If what we eat doesn´t help us nourish our bodies, keep us healthy and alive, then what we are eating is not really considered as food.

According to the Dorland´s Illustrated Medical Dictionary food is “all that is introduced into our bodies, used to nourish or form tissue, or even supply energy to the body; a nutrient”.

According to Bender´s Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology food is “substances that are introduced through the mouth and maintain life and growth, in other words: supply energy, form and repair tissues”.

For instance, salt and pepper are usually considered as condiments but, could they be also considered as food? Salt can because without salt certain functions of our bodies could not be regulated, since salt is essential for our body to function correctly it can be considered as food. On the other hand pepper has no other function than giving taste or being a condiment, therefore it cannot be considered as food.

Like salt, all that it is considered food has a specific function in our bodies, this web page is designed to help you find out how some of those functions can be supported by different types of food.

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